Bloom Units

Offering services for industry-specific needs.

A team of on-demand specialists specialized in providing services oriented towards your need and business case.

Our units are divided in a way that is easier for a client to find proper services related to their industry and their need. From Construction and Real Estate, to IT, Healthcare and Sports Industry, we can basically cover most of the needs, either from one unit or multiple of them together.

BLOOMITS (Bloom Units) operate under their own trademark but are all owned and managed by Bloom d.o.o both from operational, and accounting point of view. Our office in Switzerland co-operates some of the units and assists in international projects. We can provide more info upon request or during a initial call.

Providing Consulting Services in these areas:

  • Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring
  • Salesforce

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*Bloom Consulting has helped many companies from Eastern Europe to expand their business to DACH Region. From furniture manufacturer, CNC shops to software development studios, we have sales agents that can help.

Providing business development consulting services for small and medium-sized companies. Do you want to expand your business to DACH Region?

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Design, development, and implementation of custom-built software solutions for different industries. Do you want to optimize your business?

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Providing Solutions Services in these areas:

  • Software Development
  • UI/UX
  • App Development
  • Custom Enterprise Solutions Integration

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*Bloom Solutions has developed many custom made web applications for different industries. It owns two separate solutions: Tetraxmedia (Interactive Ad Platform), and Smox (Unified Business Operations) currently being deployed in EU.

Providing services in these areas:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube Marketing
  • Email Marketing

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*Bloom Media owns and runs multiple digital agencies under different brands in Switzerland, Germany, and Bosnia specialized for different industries. 

Our digital agencies (Webbie Media, Bloom Agentur, KMUPage, wewoo and Medicality), have built many custom brand identities, websites, and ran many successful social media marketing campaigns for companies and small shops in USA and EU. Do you need a digital agency to help with your new website, kickstart marketing activities, or create a digital campaign?

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A boutique sports management agency that aims to make sports management more personal and more professional. Representing athletes from many sports categories. Do you need a sports agent or a manager?

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Providing services in these areas:

  • Brand Consulting
  • Contract and Sponsorship Deal Reviews
  • Brand Sponsorship Deals Negotiation
  • Athlete Representation

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*Bloom Sports represents some of the biggest players in football (Swiss clubs) and tennis. (WTA 49)

Providing Bitrix24 services in these areas:

  • Consultation
  • Installation and Setup (On-Premise)
  • Custom Modules Development
  • Training and workshops

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*Bloom Bitrix has already installed more than 20 On-Premise Bitrix24 solutions in Balkan region and translated the software to bh, cro and slo languages.

Bitrix24 offers a united work space which handles the many aspects of daily operations and tasks of a company including CRM, files sharing, time management, calendars, and more. Bloom is official partner and provides value added services. Do you need a help with Bitrix24 Cloud or On-Premise Versions?

More info: Bitrix24 BH, CRO, SLO

Bloom Dental provides services and products to dental offices and labs looking to implement digital dentistry. Bloom is an official re-seller for high quality 3D printers and intraoral scanners. Do you want to implement digital workflow in your practice?

More info: Bloom Dental

Providing services in these areas:

  • 3D Printers (Structo 3D, Zortrax, Nextdent)
  • Intraoral scanners (3Shape, Sirona, DentalWings)
  • Digital Dentistry Workflow Implementation
  • Training and Workshops

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Offering services to individuals and organizations:

  • Trips
  • Tours
  • Rental Cars
  • Travel Packages

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*Bloom Investments is actively seeking travel agencies in East Asia to collaborate on a new venture.

Bloom Travel Agency is a division operating tours and trips in Eastern Europe for tourists eager to experience a better journey. Do you want to spend an amazing week touring across Bosnia or just visiting Sarajevo with your loved ones?

More info: Bloom Travel

Bloom Sales is a business development firm specializing in working with SaaS and MedTech companies to accelerate growth and drive revenue on-demand.

More info: Bloom Sales

Providing services in these areas:

  • Increase Sales with an Outsourced Team
  • Receive Verified Leads that Match Your Target Market
  • Convert Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Meetings
  • Close More Deals

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Investing in these areas together with USAID and SIDA fonds:

  • Healthcare (Dental and Medical offices)
  • Software companies (startups with less than 5 people)
  • Agriculture

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*Bloom Investments is actively seeking to invest in companies that recognize the potential of collaboration with our business units. Our network and expertise with capital can expand your market opportunity.

A venture and private equity unit that helps companies to grow by providing capital and a network of business professionals ready to boost the performance indicators. Are you looking for an investment in a range from 15-45 000 EUR?

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You have already found one of our business units that perfectly matches your needs?