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Providing value added services since 2011.

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Bloom d.o.o

Started in 2011 offering consulting services, we managed to broaden our offering and become a more vertically integrated company to serve business looking for digital transformation solutions. With a team of dedicated experts ranging from junior to senior consultants, software engineers, marketing wizards and sales professionals, we managed to grow our business and offer outstanding quality in all of our business divisions.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to become a launchpad for success and empower companies on their journey from idea to commercialisation by providing value-added services along the way. Today, Bloom d.o.o owns and operates 11 well-established brands that are separated into independent business units. Our business units are working towards forming a long-term relationship and mutually based value-added services with all of our partners and clients.
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Bloom Units

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of full-time employees, associates, freelancers and per project taskforce teams.

01. Bloom Consulting Team

The team of 3 employees is consulting clients from different industries under the management of Bosnia Office.

02. Bloom Solutions Team

The team of 4 full-time remote employees and 5 freelancers are developing custom made solutions mainly under the management located in Switzerland.

03. Bloom Media Team

The team consisting of 4 developers and 1 social media manager are under the management of Switzerland Office.

04. Bloom Bitrix24 Team

The team consisting of 3 Consultants and 2 Client Support agents, together with a list of partners in major cities all under the management of Bosnia Office.

05. Bloom Procurement Team

The team consisting of 2 agents constantly looking for quality suppliers are under the management of Bosnia office.

06. Bloom Sports Team

The sports agency team consists of 1 employee that represents 3 athletes is under the management of Switzerland Office.

Short information about our company

Full Company Name: Bloom d.o.o Sarajevo
ID Number: 4201190470008
VAT Number: 201190470008
Offices: Sarajevo (BiH), Luzern (Switzerland), New York (USA)
Bloom Units/Brands: Bloom Consulting, Bloom Solutions, Bloom Media, Bloom Bitrix24, Bloom Sports, Bloom Procurement, Bloom Travel, Bloom Dental

Bloom d.o.o Sarajevo owns and operates different businesses and brands in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well in Switzerland and USA.

Our main office is located in beautiful Sarajevo, with remote team of developers, engineers, marketers and sales team. Join us on our journey!

Bank details for the domestic and international payments

Bank Name: Raiffeisen Bank dd Bosna I Hercegovina    
Bank Address: Zmaja od Bosne bb, Sarajevo, BiH               
Account owner: Bloom d.o.o Sarajevo
IBAN Account: BA39 1611 0000 0106 9095
Domestic (Transactional) Account:1610 0000 5963 0082

We can recieve payments via Stripe, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Our team can provide individualized payment sheets for each country to speed up internal process.

More information about Bloom d.o.o

Bloom d.o.o is a company registered in 2011, mainly operating in B2B space. Our main clients are ranging from different industries, starting from IT, Engineering, Financial, up to Construction, Automotive and Travel industry.

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