Career opportunities

We're always looking for talented people to join our growing team at Bloom d.o.o.

Open positions:

Sales Managers

You are good with negotiation? You have conducted sales in a dynamic environment? We have a place for you.

Project Managers

You can manage several projects while maintaining quality, cost, and schedule in an optimal state?

Junior Software Engineers

You navigate simple to complex web development projects? From WordPress up to HTML5 we have projects to occupy your time.

Sales Representatives

You enjoy traveling and engaging with customers while presenting services or products?

Mechanical Engineers

You are good with transforming concepts and ideas into real products?

Sport Agents

You enjoy speaking with professional athletes and helping them win sponsorship or contract deals?
3D Modellers (Blender, OrthoModel, etc.)
Bosnia Office / Remote
Social Media Manager
Bosnia Office / Remote
Wob Developer (WordPress and HTML)
Bosnia Office / Remote
Business Development Manager
Bosnia Office / Remote
Digital Marketing Specialist
Bosnia Office / Remote
Mechanical Engineer
Bosnia Office / Remote